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Client Details

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Construction Details

Project Title
What is the address of this project?
Notice for self-builders
If you or a close family member plan to live in this property for at least 12 months, please visit for a policy more suited for your circumstances.
Enter the number of units for which a warranty will be required.
Enter a brief description of works.
Enter the number of floors above ground.
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Is there any building on a sloping site, basement or part-basement?
Enter the details of the construction.
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Is the project in an area associated with subsidence, landslip, fissures or sinkholes?
Is the project in an area associated with a flood plain and/or areas known for radon, flooding, mining, Cheshire Brine or other mineral extraction?

Project Details

Enter details of the developer.
Enter the company name of your main contractor.
Enter the details of your professional project manager.
Would you like a quote for Building Control Services from our partnered surveyor network (Approved Inspector)?
If you are making separate arrangements for Building Control, one of our partnered surveyors will carry out a series of separate technical audits of the development for the purposes of the warranty.
By using our partnered surveyor network for your Building Control you will benefit from having one of our surveyors on site to carry out the Warranty and Building Control inspections at the same time.
Please provide your Building Control Reference Number
Other - please specify
Enter the estimated start date of building works.
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Additional Cover

Enter a loss of rent figure, per annum
Are you taking deposits?
Enter the total deposit amount for all units.
Enter details of any warranty previously obtained for this project

Cover Overview

Defects Liability Period (years)
OpenGi Prospect
Record the OpenGi full prospect reference upon transfer

Premium Rating

Excess in Respect of Residential Units
Excess in Respect of Commercial Units
Excess Applicable to Common Parts
Enter 0 if not applicable. Typically minimum of £1,000
Written Line
Written Line
Written Line
Written Line
Written Line
Additional Information
Text in this free-type area will appear on page 2 of the customer VRI document under the heading "Additional Information".

Calculation Sheet

Base Rate

Calculation Model
Base Rate
(Standard, AXA, Fidelis)

Base Rate Adjustment

Base Adjustment
(Standard, AXA, Fidelis) Example : Basement 0.05
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Loadings & Discounts

Deduction for Excess
(Standard, AXA) No deduction for £1,000. Can range from 10% to 30% on commercial risks.
Loading for Indexation
(Standard, AXA, Fidelis) Usually 25% for Canopius
Loading for Stage of Build
(Standard, AXA, Fidelis) 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%
Loading where no DLP
(AXA) Typically, a minimum loading of 20% where no DLP
Loading/Discount for Custom Adjustments
(Standard, AXA, Fidelis) Enter a figure to apply a loading (or discount) to the premium. Useful for price-matching. Save notes to the quote detailing reasons for applying an adjustment.

Technical Services

Number of Visits
Use manually calculated inspection fees?
Specialist Surveys (BZSS use, only)
List one specialist survey per line
Project Lead-In Time (BZSS use, only)
BZSS Coding / Grading (BZSS use, only)
Special instructions to Surveyor (BZSS use, only)
TAA Fee (BZSS use, only)
Use this field only for Technical Audits. Enter the full amount Build-Zone should charge the customer excluding VAT.
AI Fee (BZSS use, only)
When Building Control Technical Audit is selected, use this field in addition to the TA field. Enter the amount the customer is to pay directly to the AI (excluding VAT).

Insurer Referral

Referral date
Comments for Insurer (Build-Zone use only)
This MUST be left blank unless otherwise directed by AP, PR or PK
Referral completed
Date issued to insurer
Insurers agreed to proceed
Insurer agreed date
Insurer response

System calculation fields


The values in these fields are calculated by the system.
Standard Rate
Applicable to new builds only
Damage Rate
Consequential Loss Rate
Rate applicable to existing structures
Proposer Project Rate
Generated from drop down list ProposerProjectRisk
From URL
Project Postcode 4 chars
Project Postcode 3 chars
Project Postcode 2 chars
Project Postcode 2 chars
Project Bracket
Automatic - do not manually edit this
Automatic - do not manually edit this
Automatic - do not manually edit this
Automatic - do not manually edit this
Automatic - do not manually edit this
Inspection Stage Discount
Automatic - do not manually edit this
Surveyor Company
Automatic - do not manually edit this